Neglected Health!

I wanted to get on here and share how I think we are neglecting our health by not sleeping long enough and eating nutrition rich meals. Prevention is by far the best medicine as opposed to having to see doctors and regular check-ups. Again, I can’t urge it enough about the important of taking good care of our bodies.

I get to wake up to my picturesque breakfast nook windows looking out into nature and watching the sunrise rise just about every morning. It’s things like that I believe we are taking for granted! Without our health, we may be able to even get out of bed and sip on our favorite morning beverage looking out into a brand new day that awaits. I think you get the point by now?!

It will always be fun and exciting to stay up late or to combine your party with loaded carbs like pizza or what not. But you will always pay the price for those decisions as well. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you know a better way in life around this simple principle of eating healthy and rest for your body. It also goes without saying it is equally in your best interest to drink plenty of fluids. Not soda, but water and occasional natural fruit juices.

On that note, you could benefit from eating only vegetables and fruits and nuts and very minimal meat. It has been advised to not eat more than the size of the palm of your hand for the entire day. Just try enforcing that rule of thumb at the next football tail gate party. I dare you. It’s that kind of stubborn mentality that is going to keep you physically ill and not able to be at your physical best peak in life. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Investing in your physical health is paramount as you only have one body and one life here on earth. I suppose depending on your spiritual or religious beliefs it is debatable if you only get to live on earth once. That is by far another day and topic which I do not know if I will ever return to as that is straying too far off from to topics of health and the here and now. Statistically speaking, your chances of a longer, happier and healthier life are immensely greater if you follow this simple rule. If you need further assistance or have any questions, please ask away or leave a comment.



Shiny Glass Chandelier!

I was curious if any of you out there have experienced or believe that the music industry has a glass ceiling or not regarding woman and pay. For those of you that are not very familiar with what a glass ceiling is, I will explain in lamens terms. A glass ceiling is a visual expression to help you “see” how the men in the workforce are on a higher level standing on the floor which is made out of glass looking down at the women who are not allowed upstairs in to the same room and are also being paid a less wage for doing the same amount of work or even the exact same type of work. It has been researched that women can earn as much as five dollars per hour less than a man although it could be preforming the exact same job.

Now having a better understanding of what a glass ceiling is, the question still remains. Do you think there is still a glass ceiling issue within the music field of DJ, radio, etc.? Do you feel there is an obvious difference in hourly or salary pay between men and women. If the answer is yes, why do you believe this to be so. Conversely, if the answer is no, why do you believe that to be the case. Have you personally experienced this or seen this in your life?  What do you think can be done to ensure the equality of women can be implemented?

On a different note, I am wondering if certain company benefits are equally allowed to females? Take for instance drug and alcohol rehab help. Most companies have a rainy day fund set aside for such occurrences. Some even have a well organized (EAP) employee assistance program. So the question remains, do employers provide the sam opportunities (substance abuse treatment) to women as they do men. Or do they expect the women to heal through attending a local 12 step program or even more severe, do they fire them altogether?

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Music Everywhere I Go!

I just got back from a business trip in the Dallas-Fort Wirth Texas area and had a wonderful time. My business associate insisted on us going out to some different clubs to party and dance the night away at. At first the responsible part of me said, “NO” we need to stay focused on the task at hand and I don’t want to have a hangover during our important presentation in the morning. That’s when my friend said, “YOLO” (you only live once) and said I know of a great new club I discovered that only plays electric and house style music to dance to. He could tell I was still reluctant, so he paused for a minute and said, “I tell you what, I will throw in a limousine ride to escort us through the night if you are willing!” Needless to say my friend is very well to do in life. So I really was having a hard time remaining responsible at his point. So I thought I could stump him with a simple question. I proceeded to ask, ok fine, but where are we going to get a limo last minute this late at night?

My business buddy said, “that is your only reservation? I use Lewisville Limousine ( all the time for these exact type of situations! Do you really think I would make such an offer if I couldn’t produce?” At this point I felt really sheepish and trapped knowing I had no more excuses left in my arsenal. So we called up the limo company and they actually answered after hours and were at the curb waiting for us within a half of an hour. Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed. The driver was funny and outgoing and took us wherever we wanted to go. I felt like we were living the movie, “The Hangover” for a minute there. That is why I am even giving them a shameless plug in my blog. Anyways, the limo and club hopping experience was incredible and made my trip the most exciting and fun part of the whole visit.

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Freeze Dance

Have you heard of freeze dance? Do you know what it is?  I believe I first heard about it when my girls came home from dance class one day.  I asked them, “how was dance?”  “What did you do?”  They said, “mom, we played freeze dance.”  I thought to myself, “What?  We are paying money for you to go to dance to learn ballet and jazz dance and you are playing freeze dance?”  Granted they are just taking ballet and jazz dance from a neighbor girl who is in high school.  Her mom teaches yoga and thought it would be a great learning experience for her daughter to teach dance and it would generate an income for her teenage 16 year old daughter.  Her daughter is a competitive dance for the local high school and my girls seem to enjoy it but when I heard they were playing freeze dance, I became a little concerned.  That is an entirely different story so back to our topic!

After learning freeze dance at dance class, my daughters have asked multiple times to play freeze dance.  Basically you dance until the music stops and then you freeze when the music stops.  If you don’t freeze, you are out until the next round.  Sounds simple right?  Well, it is that simple and children like it.  Besides that it gives them some good physical activity.  I think they mostly enjoy it when everyone joins in…adults included!  My youngest wanted to play it at her 5th birthday party and the kids enjoyed it for the most part!

The next time your kids are getting restless being inside during the cold winter months, I challenge you to turn on some music and play freeze dance.  Each person can take a turn pausing the music so everyone gets a chance to get some good dance time in and in turn gets some physical activity.  I’m all about my kids being physically active as they have a hard time being cooped up inside during the winter.  They would much rather be outside playing but the weather doesn’t always permit for that to happen.

I bet some adults would even enjoy some freeze dance now and again.  That could be quite entertaining and a fun party idea if you need something to do to keep everyone from getting bored and leaving your party.  So for your next party, you now have a great idea to get everyone up and moving and it would be a blast to get some people out of their comfort zone and moving!



Does Music Travel Everywhere With You?

I have been doing a lot of out of state travel and even out of the country a couple times in the past year and wondered why in my own experiences music seems to be cultural and therefore have boundaries? Has anyone else experienced this? I can appreciate and understand the whole culture thing, but I just do not get why a certain style or genre of music has to remain with a particular nationality?

I do not expect any answers or responses, however feel free to leave a comment if you so desire. I would be very interested to read other opinions on the matter. Something else I am really curious about is why it appears that America has a large melting pot of music and very popular mainstream genres (country, rap, hip hop, rock, etc.); while other countries do not? In addition to this, Why is it that you can hear American music throughout the globe but not other amazing/cultural music in America unless it is specifically a designated cultural awareness gathering?

I truly think there is a lot of awesome music available to learn from, however it is never really ever given the chance. Why do you suppose that is? Can it be chalked up to Ameri-centric egotism? Or is it that other countries place more value on other things than just music? I have noticed that the United States really puts their musicians on a pedestal of of just enjoying the music for what it is. But then again this relates to their movie stars, athletes, etc. I think this is because the fans have a low sense of self and self-esteem and therefore they project their “greatness or worthiness” onto them feeling they do not deserve the spotlight or wealth, etc.

Well, these are just my opinions and not the designated truth. Just thought I’d share with everyone and see if I am able to cause any thought provoking responses? Thanks for reading this and I look forward to reading your responses/comments. Have a wonderful day and take the challenge to listen to new and cultural music.



Hello music lovers!

I want to say sorry for not putting much for you all to read for quite a while now. I recently ran into an old friend who absolutely loves music as much as I do. I for one can not pass up on a good raver, however I have aged some now and do pass up on designer/party drugs like ecstasy, molly, LSD, 2CE, etc. Anyways, my old buddy still dabbles in that kind of stuff and told me of a up and coming party that is going to be epic. At first I was really excited to hop back in to that scene as I have been out of it for a while but just like the old saying, you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

I really wanted to go badly but value my sobriety even more. So what I was wondering is if there are any natural alternatives to amphetamine that are non narcotic and will also not give you the hard crash a major caffeine buzz gives you. I would like some energy but do not want to hurt my body in the process. I am having some dissonance about this as I also feel like that these type of questions are very dangerous for my recovery.

For all I know I am dancing with the devil here by wanting to go into an abandoned warehouse full of a bunch of other people who are extremely high on some illicit drug(s) making me crave the same drugs that they are on. In addition to this I might feel inadequate with not being to comprehend or keep up with their pace. Also, I might just be exhausted with working an honest program and need to check myself fast before I wreck myself? All questions and comments are especially welcome on this particular blog. Please chime in and contribute whatever important information or opinions that you may have.



Dancin’ in the streets!

I was curious how many of you out there actually are able to throw caution to the wind and not worry about others looking at you make a fool of yourself. Are you the type that gets easily embarrassed when it comes to doing something silly in public or having an accident in a public place? Even more so, are you able to sing or dance in public?

You know I’ve heard that when many individuals were surveyed about what scares them the most, two of the top things most fearful was death and the other was public speaking. Funny thing about that is that public speaking was higher than death which means one can only deduce that the majority of people are more afraid of public speaking than to die. To be bluntly put, people would rather die than speak publicly. That is a crazy and funny concept to think and joke about, yet at the same time it is an actual true research.

This makes me wonder where on the scale does singing or dancing in public fall in? Is there a difference to express yourself through music than there is to express yourself through the written word? I would say no, just merely more of a matter involving a personal preference. I for one am able to do both even though I am not the best at any of them but if I must I can usually muster up the courage to get it done. That last sentence alone says a lot about what this post is all about. Why do you think it takes courage at all to do these kind go public displays? I am not trying to get to philosophical just curious to understand the human condition and music a little bit better.

I also personally think that the coined term, “dancing in the streets” is a wonderful expression of freedom and exhilaration. Do you remember the good ole’ dancing’ movie fix? One really famous one would be “Singin’ in the Rain” starring Gene Kelly and friends. Such a classic and I wonder if it would have been as powerful as it is as a cit classic without he singing and dancing. Another great example would be “West Side Story” which has a lot of actually singing and dancing on the streets as well. This particular article was meant to be thought provoking and to hopefully induce desire and motivation to get you to comment and continue the discussion as there is no way I could single-handedly figure out the power and attraction that humans have with the concept of being free and expressing it through music publicly. I look forward to your replies and as always feel free to email me directly with any additional questions.



Dancing or Singing in your Car

So let me start out by introducing myself!  I’m Stacey and I’m one of Maurice’s friends.  I was sharing a story with him about my adorable five year old singing in the car and he asked me to write a guest post on his blog.  Let me start off by asking you a question.  How many of you get giggy with it or sing your heart out in your car?  Maybe you blast your radio so you can barely hear yourself sing.  Lets be honest now, some music just puts me in the singing or dancing mood.  Do you ever stare at people as you are passing them on the road and see them singing at the top of their lungs? Maybe you’ve passed drivers as they are getting their groove on.

I have an old roommate who loved to turn the radio up and just sing her heart out.  She didn’t care if people were watching her!  She’d start dancing if she felt like it.  She’d even drum on the steering wheel along to the beat of the music!  Lets just say she wasn’t shy at all about singing or dancing in her car.  It was quite fun to ride with her and be with her as she was so carefree!

Today, I glanced back at my 5 year old and saw her dancing in her seat.  When she saw that I was looking, I made it into a little game and quickly turned my head back, then I glanced quickly again and I turned my head back just as quickly.  She is so fun to watch.  She’s going to be our little dancer for sure.  So graceful and cute!  Another time, now this is the story I was sharing with Maurice, we were listening to Baby Your A Firework by Katy Perry, and my sweet daughter who was four at the time was shouting along with Katy.  Granted, I had the music turned up pretty loud but I guess she wanted to be able to hear herself, so she sang louder!  It was so cute to watch that I had to pull out my phone and pulled over to record her singing.  Once she noticed what I was doing she still sang but it wasn’t the same by any means.

When I do silly things in the car, I’m sure my kids think I’m crazy but it’s so fun to just let go and have some fun while listening to good tunes while driving!  If you have any stories of your own, please comment and share with us!  Thanks so much for reading and go get your groove on the next time your driving in your car!  Who cares if anyone sees you!  Let go and be free!


Dancing the Samba in Brazil

First things first, let me introduce myself….I am one of Maurice’s good friends, Tina.  He asked me to do a guest blog about my adventure to Brazil.  Back in May of 2013, a friend of mine named Robyn and I traveled to Brazil for the month.  We were both turning twenty-three while we were in Brazil and up for an amazing time and adventure.  We honestly didn’t know who we were going to stay with when we arrived but were not really worried about it.  We had both lived in Fortaleza Brazil for some time and had a lot of friends who could help us find a place to stay.  We had two guy friends, Jeremy and Witt showing up from Utah in a couple of days and would meet up with them and then continue our adventure down the coast of Brazil.

I ended up running into a friend of my brother’s on the airplane flight from Atlanta Georgia to Sao Paulo Brazil.  His name is Jason.  Jason was traveling with a friend to Sao Paulo Brazil for his own adventure!  So here is a random side note, Robyn and I were traveling with buddy passes.  We ended up getting bumped up on this flight to first class!  It was amazing flying first class on a buddy pass.  Jason and his friend ended up coming up to first class and hanging out with us for a little bit until they got caught and sent back to their seats.

We arrived in Sao Paulo and had hours until the next flight to Fortaleza so we decided to look up an old friend.  We were able to hang out with this friend and he and his wife were gracious enough to drive us to the airport to catch our flight.  Funny story though…we booked our flight and then missed our flight because we are not used to military time and didn’t put two and two together until it was too late.  The airport attendants were so kind and helped us get a new flight the next morning and they helped us find a hotel, across the street so we wouldn’t miss our next flight, the next morning.

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Dance The Day Away

So, I love to listen to music.  Who does not enjoy music, right?  I would listen all day and night long if I could! Are you the type to get your groove on if you hear a fun song that makes you want to dance?  One of my daughters will start dancing if she hears music.  Today, I was working from home on my computer listening to some Jack Johnson and my children were in the room.  I did not have the volume up very loud but I turned it up and I told them to dance to the music and they agreed and started dancing.  One of my daughters absolutely loves to dance.  I catch her dancing all of the time.  I could really see her taking off with dance and becoming a really good dancer.  She just turned five and is so graceful and cute when she shakes her booty.  She and my seven year old started to do this fun little routine together.  I wonder if they learned it together in their ballet class.  Later in the day, I caught them dancing together twirling one another.

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