So, I love to listen to music.  Who does not enjoy music, right?  I would listen all day and night long if I could! Are you the type to get your groove on if you hear a fun song that makes you want to dance?  One of my daughters will start dancing if she hears music.  Today, I was working from home on my computer listening to some Jack Johnson and my children were in the room.  I did not have the volume up very loud but I turned it up and I told them to dance to the music and they agreed and started dancing.  One of my daughters absolutely loves to dance.  I catch her dancing all of the time.  I could really see her taking off with dance and becoming a really good dancer.  She just turned five and is so graceful and cute when she shakes her booty.  She and my seven year old started to do this fun little routine together.  I wonder if they learned it together in their ballet class.  Later in the day, I caught them dancing together twirling one another.

One of my girls’ favorite things to do is play freeze dance.  They will ask my wife if they can play so she can get the music turned on and ready for them to dance.  My wife is usually in charge of the music while the girls dance the day away.  Sometimes though, my wife will join in and my seven year old is in charge of stopping and starting the music.  Also, at my daughter’s fifth birthday party she wanted to play freeze dance with her friends.  She had a dress up or costume party and she got to pick out the music she wanted to dance to for her party!

My two year old son will even join in on the freeze dance as he loves to be included with his sisters and wants to be a part of the dance party.  He loves to twirl and it’s hilarious to watch him get dizzy and then try to regain his balance as he is about to fall.  He does not understand the freeze part of freeze dance but he loves to get his groove on when he hears music!

My girls recently learned the chicken dance!  I think they may have learned it during dance class but they recently did it at our city carnival with a local kids radio station D.J.  They had a blast!  I will catch my five year old doing the chicken dance once in awhile.

Where do you like to get your groove on?  My wife likes to sing and bust a move while driving in the car.  I like to dance every once in awhile but I’m not as graceful as my five year old.  I will stick to the slow dancing with my wife or the twirling with my two year old…that is easy enough for me!