So let me start out by introducing myself!  I’m Stacey and I’m one of Maurice’s friends.  I was sharing a story with him about my adorable five year old singing in the car and he asked me to write a guest post on his blog.  Let me start off by asking you a question.  How many of you get giggy with it or sing your heart out in your car?  Maybe you blast your radio so you can barely hear yourself sing.  Lets be honest now, some music just puts me in the singing or dancing mood.  Do you ever stare at people as you are passing them on the road and see them singing at the top of their lungs? Maybe you’ve passed drivers as they are getting their groove on.

I have an old roommate who loved to turn the radio up and just sing her heart out.  She didn’t care if people were watching her!  She’d start dancing if she felt like it.  She’d even drum on the steering wheel along to the beat of the music!  Lets just say she wasn’t shy at all about singing or dancing in her car.  It was quite fun to ride with her and be with her as she was so carefree!

Today, I glanced back at my 5 year old and saw her dancing in her seat.  When she saw that I was looking, I made it into a little game and quickly turned my head back, then I glanced quickly again and I turned my head back just as quickly.  She is so fun to watch.  She’s going to be our little dancer for sure.  So graceful and cute!  Another time, now this is the story I was sharing with Maurice, we were listening to Baby Your A Firework by Katy Perry, and my sweet daughter who was four at the time was shouting along with Katy.  Granted, I had the music turned up pretty loud but I guess she wanted to be able to hear herself, so she sang louder!  It was so cute to watch that I had to pull out my phone and pulled over to record her singing.  Once she noticed what I was doing she still sang but it wasn’t the same by any means.

When I do silly things in the car, I’m sure my kids think I’m crazy but it’s so fun to just let go and have some fun while listening to good tunes while driving!  If you have any stories of your own, please comment and share with us!  Thanks so much for reading and go get your groove on the next time your driving in your car!  Who cares if anyone sees you!  Let go and be free!