I was curious how many of you out there actually are able to throw caution to the wind and not worry about others looking at you make a fool of yourself. Are you the type that gets easily embarrassed when it comes to doing something silly in public or having an accident in a public place? Even more so, are you able to sing or dance in public?

You know I’ve heard that when many individuals were surveyed about what scares them the most, two of the top things most fearful was death and the other was public speaking. Funny thing about that is that public speaking was higher than death which means one can only deduce that the majority of people are more afraid of public speaking than to die. To be bluntly put, people would rather die than speak publicly. That is a crazy and funny concept to think and joke about, yet at the same time it is an actual true research.

This makes me wonder where on the scale does singing or dancing in public fall in? Is there a difference to express yourself through music than there is to express yourself through the written word? I would say no, just merely more of a matter involving a personal preference. I for one am able to do both even though I am not the best at any of them but if I must I can usually muster up the courage to get it done. That last sentence alone says a lot about what this post is all about. Why do you think it takes courage at all to do these kind go public displays? I am not trying to get to philosophical just curious to understand the human condition and music a little bit better.

I also personally think that the coined term, “dancing in the streets” is a wonderful expression of freedom and exhilaration. Do you remember the good ole’ dancing’ movie fix? One really famous one would be “Singin’¬†in the Rain” starring¬†Gene Kelly and friends. Such a classic and I wonder if it would have been as powerful as it is as a cit classic without he singing and dancing. Another great example would be “West Side Story” which has a lot of actually singing and dancing on the streets as well. This particular article was meant to be thought provoking and to hopefully induce desire and motivation to get you to comment and continue the discussion as there is no way I could single-handedly figure out the power and attraction that humans have with the concept of being free and expressing it through music publicly. I look forward to your replies and as always feel free to email me directly with any additional questions.