I want to say sorry for not putting much for you all to read for quite a while now. I recently ran into an old friend who absolutely loves music as much as I do. I for one can not pass up on a good raver, however I have aged some now and do pass up on designer/party drugs like ecstasy, molly, LSD, 2CE, etc. Anyways, my old buddy still dabbles in that kind of stuff and told me of a up and coming party that is going to be epic. At first I was really excited to hop back in to that scene as I have been out of it for a while but just like the old saying, you can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

I really wanted to go badly but value my sobriety even more. So what I was wondering is if there are any natural alternatives to amphetamine that are non narcotic and will also not give you the hard crash a major caffeine buzz gives you. I would like some energy but do not want to hurt my body in the process. I am having some dissonance about this as I also feel like that these type of questions are very dangerous for my recovery.

For all I know I am dancing with the devil here by wanting to go into an abandoned warehouse full of a bunch of other people who are extremely high on some illicit drug(s) making me crave the same drugs that they are on. In addition to this I might feel inadequate with not being to comprehend or keep up with their pace. Also, I might just be exhausted with working an honest program and need to check myself fast before I wreck myself? All questions and comments are especially welcome on this particular blog. Please chime in and contribute whatever important information or opinions that you may have.