Does Music Travel Everywhere With You?

I have been doing a lot of out of state travel and even out of the country a couple times in the past year and wondered why in my own experiences music seems to be cultural and therefore have boundaries? Has anyone else experienced this? I can appreciate and understand the whole culture thing, but I just do not get why a certain style or genre of music has to remain with a particular nationality?

I do not expect any answers or responses, however feel free to leave a comment if you so desire. I would be very interested to read other opinions on the matter. Something else I am really curious about is why it appears that America has a large melting pot of music and very popular mainstream genres (country, rap, hip hop, rock, etc.); while other countries do not? In addition to this, Why is it that you can hear American music throughout the globe but not other amazing/cultural music in America unless it is specifically a designated cultural awareness gathering?

I truly think there is a lot of awesome music available to learn from, however it is never really ever given the chance. Why do you suppose that is? Can it be chalked up to Ameri-centric egotism? Or is it that other countries place more value on other things than just music? I have noticed that the United States really puts their musicians on a pedestal of of just enjoying the music for what it is. But then again this relates to their movie stars, athletes, etc. I think this is because the fans have a low sense of self and self-esteem and therefore they project their “greatness or worthiness” onto them feeling they do not deserve the spotlight or wealth, etc.

Well, these are just my opinions and not the designated truth. Just thought I’d share with everyone and see if I am able to cause any thought provoking responses? Thanks for reading this and I look forward to reading your responses/comments. Have a wonderful day and take the challenge to listen to new and cultural music.