Freeze Dance

Have you heard of freeze dance? Do you know what it is?  I believe I first heard about it when my girls came home from dance class one day.  I asked them, “how was dance?”  “What did you do?”  They said, “mom, we played freeze dance.”  I thought to myself, “What?  We are paying money for you to go to dance to learn ballet and jazz dance and you are playing freeze dance?”  Granted they are just taking ballet and jazz dance from a neighbor girl who is in high school.  Her mom teaches yoga and thought it would be a great learning experience for her daughter to teach dance and it would generate an income for her teenage 16 year old daughter.  Her daughter is a competitive dance for the local high school and my girls seem to enjoy it but when I heard they were playing freeze dance, I became a little concerned.  That is an entirely different story so back to our topic!

After learning freeze dance at dance class, my daughters have asked multiple times to play freeze dance.  Basically you dance until the music stops and then you freeze when the music stops.  If you don’t freeze, you are out until the next round.  Sounds simple right?  Well, it is that simple and children like it.  Besides that it gives them some good physical activity.  I think they mostly enjoy it when everyone joins in…adults included!  My youngest wanted to play it at her 5th birthday party and the kids enjoyed it for the most part!

The next time your kids are getting restless being inside during the cold winter months, I challenge you to turn on some music and play freeze dance.  Each person can take a turn pausing the music so everyone gets a chance to get some good dance time in and in turn gets some physical activity.  I’m all about my kids being physically active as they have a hard time being cooped up inside during the winter.  They would much rather be outside playing but the weather doesn’t always permit for that to happen.

I bet some adults would even enjoy some freeze dance now and again.  That could be quite entertaining and a fun party idea if you need something to do to keep everyone from getting bored and leaving your party.  So for your next party, you now have a great idea to get everyone up and moving and it would be a blast to get some people out of their comfort zone and moving!