I was curious if any of you out there have experienced or believe that the music industry has a glass ceiling or not regarding woman and pay. For those of you that are not very familiar with what a glass ceiling is, I will explain in lamens terms. A glass ceiling is a visual expression to help you “see” how the men in the workforce are on a higher level standing on the floor which is made out of glass looking down at the women who are not allowed upstairs in to the same room and are also being paid a less wage for doing the same amount of work or even the exact same type of work. It has been researched that women can earn as much as five dollars per hour less than a man although it could be preforming the exact same job.

Now having a better understanding of what a glass ceiling is, the question still remains. Do you think there is still a glass ceiling issue within the music field of DJ, radio, etc.? Do you feel there is an obvious difference in hourly or salary pay between men and women. If the answer is yes, why do you believe this to be so. Conversely, if the answer is no, why do you believe that to be the case. Have you personally experienced this or seen this in your life?  What do you think can be done to ensure the equality of women can be implemented?

On a different note, I am wondering if certain company benefits are equally allowed to females? Take for instance drug and alcohol rehab help. Most companies have a rainy day fund set aside for such occurrences. Some even have a well organized (EAP) employee assistance program. So the question remains, do employers provide the sam opportunities (substance abuse treatment) to women as they do men. Or do they expect the women to heal through attending a local 12 step program or even more severe, do they fire them altogether?

You might have the opinion that the glass ceiling does not exist, or even the opinion that there is no problem with having a glass ceiling. No matter what your personal feelings are about the matter, I would be very curious to see what all the different thoughts and opinions are regarding this topic. Feel free to comment or personally email me as this topic may be controversial for some of you to post your thoughts publicly.