This is the page that will better describe all about who Power Hot Mix 100 is. Who we are is simple. We are major enthusiasts of all music but especially for music relating to the Dance, Electric, House and even Techno. But don’t let that fool you as we as just mentioned love all types of music. We have been noticing a trend where music seems to be cycled through and dub step seems to be mixing with electronica with a splash of hip-hop. It seems that although rap will always be around, it is not as popular as it used to be. Please remember to comment here so we can get a full spectrum of opinions  and even disagreements. So in closing who we are was just displayed as well as how we do it, which brings up the next topic.

How we do it is simple. We have moved from a online radio platform to a much simpler version of a more manageable upkeep. That’s right, the old faithful of community togetherness. Short of actually drinking a cup of coffee together, we feel the next best thing would be to blog and communicate through this website. We want to know anything and everything. Especially about your enthusiasm for music. We plan on sharing the majority of the reading material but can’t express it enough that we would greatly appreciate your help in offering subject matter to discuss or even debate about. We hope you are not put out by us no longer providing commercial free radio, but that on a shoe-string budget, we are able to be the glue and keep us all minded together in some shape or form.

Why we do this is simple. For the love and passion of music enthusiasts all over the world, but especially for those that have a special connection with House, Dance and Electronic.

Keep visiting us frequently to see the latest updates and scoop with us!