We are your hot mix music experts. We are back in full action ready to help all the dance, electric and house music enthusiasts get their groove on in oh so many ways. Unfortunately we no longer were able to maintain the funds necessary to be an actual online radio station playing the hottest hits commercial free. That was awesome wan’t it?! The good ole’ days! Sure do love and miss them. But hey, enough reminiscing about this here. We can stay strong now¬†and unite for one another and become a strong community of our own sharing all the newest hit releases. We need to do this more than ever since our favorite genres seem to be going more and more underground instead of on a mainstream level.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have…and don’t forget to check back in periodically in order to see our latest updates and happenings. We need you to be an integral part of this process if we are to remain forever strong!