A Story To Share

I wanted to touch up on a previous blog that was shared about music and sobriety and thought it would be important to share. I also realized that it is therapeutic and healthy for me to purge some of these stories regardless if anyone is actually following along and actually reading any of this. So anyways, back to the point of this story. I was at an outdoor concert venue at an absolutely breathtaking amphitheater nestled in the rocky mountains of beautiful Colorado in a small town called Morrison. Ever heard of it? The amphitheater is actually called Red Rocks Amphitheater. The red solid rocks are what gives it an amazing outdoor sound and reverberation. I would highly recommend you put that venue on your bucket list prior to not being able to enjoy a good music concert.

So long story short I was now almost 4 years clean and sober and therefore felt extremely safe about going to the show with full confidence I would be able to stay out of trouble. And before I share the whole moral of the story, I will just tell you now unless you don’t want to hear so cover your eyes as a spoiler alert is going off. I stayed clean and sober the entire time. But here is what the problem was. I was suddenly ambushed by a fellow individual in the crowed. He asked if I could hold his beer and pipe loaded to the brim with high grade THC in it. My mouth started to water and I felt that Lucifer himself placed this man in front of me. The stupid thing is that I actually grabbed the items for him and did hold them. There was no thought to the dangers associated with even touching the substances. I learned really quick then that it is always a good idea to use the buddy system; especially at a concert. So moral of the story now. Don’t think you have your addiction licked just because you have some clean time behind the belt. I eventually handed back the times to the gentleman and had to literally leave the side of the amphitheater we were on in order to preserve what matters most to me. So in ending, I ask…what is most important for you?

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At Your Request!

We wanted to make sure our loyal followers know that we are back in the saddle again. It has been a while since we were last live. And yes, while it is obvious that we are no longer a online radio station, it is true that we still have the same love and passion and community minded affinity to you all as we do for Panama and all of its fun loving and amazing people. You see music runs deep with the history and people of Panama. It is definitely a way of life and passion for us. A sense of belonging. It is the glue that binds us and helps create memories and form our culture on a daily basis. I can remember the first time I learned how to Salsa, or my first school dance. When you are young, socializing through dances is a very big deal! We always looked forward to prom and homecoming and practiced showing off our moves months in advance. I also can remember working extra jobs to save up money to make sure I was able to impress my date. But that’s enough of that for now. What I wanted to bring back to focus before I go any further off track is the public notice that we are large and in charge bringing you the community minded PowerHotmix100.com in full effect. As previously mentioned throughout this website,we completely value you and your thoughts and contributions to be a part of us. Please do not hesitate to comment or contact me directly to have your personal content to this blog. I can share the stage at least for a little bit of time. ;)  If you have any questions or concerns, again, please don’t be shy. I know I am not perfect but also know how can I improve if nobody brings issues to my attention. Come and visit us again really soon and stay in contact now you here?!



Hit The Ground Running!

Welcome to the new website of the one and only PowerHotMix100.com! We are excited to continue providing you with quality reviews and lists of amazing new hits of electronic, dance and house music. So stay close to this blog and check in often.

Something else we would like to do here is become more of a family friendly website blog thingy here where we can not stick only to all things house and dance music even though we all know we love it so. But we also hope that we can share some experiences and stories that help us bond and grow together as a community. Perhaps to start things off we could talk about the power of music and what it means to you. I can personally share a time in my life where I know that music saved my life and continues to do so today.

You see I have a colorful past where I got mixed in with drugs and alcohol from a very young age! Music was my life but in a backwards and twisted kind of way where I allowed music (concerts, raves, etc.) to become my GOD. I lived for opportunities to party and dance the night away. Until I became really close to dying from all of the excessive drug and alcohol use.

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