Powerhotmix100.com has zero interest in your private data including the obtaining of, selling of, or transferring of cookies, caching, etc. and   information. However, the only exception is that we do want your personal thoughts, opinions and comments; but that will be at your own discretion…if ever. So as you choose to follow us or share this website with others. you can be at peace knowing we do not have any intention of abusing your trust and relationship with Powerhotmix100.com. We look forward to your loyal following and will go to great lengths to continually earn and maintain your trust. We honestly have no intention today or for the rest of your awesome live to make advantage of your trust in what this privacy policy states. We want to be long-term friends here so we can eventually become “BFF’s” sharing every dirty little secret. So having said that, there is no way on God’s green earth that we could have such a relationship as mentioned if we are not honoring your privacy and personal data. There is nothing more frustrating than ongoing spam coming into your email box. And as we all know, once those flood gates are open, there is no way of ever shutting it off again. The only solution I can think of is having to delete the account altogether and having to start over. Nobody wants to do that, so to reiterate, there will be no need to do so as we promise to always honor and uphold our end of the bargain at all costs!

If you have any concerns or just want some more clarity regarding our brief explanation of your confidentiality, please feel free to get in touch with us on our contact page or at our main email for various inquiries.